To play, click on your conversation choices to see the different ways to respond to your matches!

Snacc is a cute dating app where you connect with folks you never could have talked to before. Our main goal is to create a typical dating app space where matches seem promising at first but the conversations take a turn for the worse and begin to run into all sorts of creepy sexist comments. The inspiration is from real life dating app experiences that many women run into, so we wanted to channel all that and create worst case scenarios that can happen. As you continue to get to know them, your match starts to reveal who they really are, the visuals begin to show a monster-like character in a metaphorical aspect. We want the player to feel disgusted as they get to know their match more.


  • Tiffany Lam: Producer, UI Design
  • Katie Moses: Programmer, Writer
  • Vikki Brown: 2D Art, Character Design


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James turned from a fuck boi to a weird sea creature that uses seaweed as a wig... 10/10

HAHA yesss

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